The CCECC Prepares for The Upcoming Annual Angel Tree Celebration


Photo submitted by Tia Yancey

Averett students and their Angel at the 2021 celebration

Caitlin Towler, Staff Writer

On November 28th, the Center for Community Engagement and Career Competitiveness (CCECC) will be holding its annual Angel Tree Celebration where students and staff can sponsor children in need for the upcoming holiday.

“Starting today, students, faculty and staff can choose an Angel to sponsor for Averett’s annual Angel Tree Celebration,” Tia Yancey, director of community engagement for the CCECC, said. “To help us prepare would be to spread the word and attend/volunteer for the event.”

The celebration has been held by Averett since 2015, partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Danville and Chatham and, as of this year, West Main Baptist Church for sponsorships.

“…the Angels and their families are positively affected, especially the parents/guardians of the Angel’s,” Yancey said. “This sponsorship allows most families in need to make sure their child/children have a great holiday.”

During the event, students will have the opportunity to interact with the Boys and Girls Club members by sharing a meal, making cookies, taking photos with Santa, and opening gifts.

Other ways that students can help the community during the holidays include “volunteering at local shelters, food distribution centers and other area nonprofit organizations.”

“Averett’s CCECC appreciates the sponsorships and volunteers for this celebration. Without your help, this celebration would not be possible,” Yancey said.

This year’s celebration will be held in Carrington Gym from 5:00 PM through 6:30 PM. If students are interested in donating or want to volunteer, please contact Tia Yancey at [email protected] Students can view more information on the CCECC’s gift-giving guide by clicking on the link provided: Angel-Tree-2022. All gifts need to be turned into the CCECC by November 22nd.