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The Averett Signers to Present Annual Spring Concert

Margaret Gregory
(Designs by Wyatt Achelpohl and Margaret Gregory)

The Averett Singers will perform their annual Spring Concert on Wednesday April 24, 2024 in Pritchett Auditorium of the Violet T. Frith Fine Arts Center. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the show begins at 7pm. Admission is free and open to the public.

The concert’s theme is “WORDS MATTER”. It is a musical message of how we each have an impact upon each other and how music speaks to us in times of trial.

Dr. Anne Lewis, head of Averett’s music department, explained her process in selecting the music as well as the meaning behind them.

“It started out with the theme, ‘Words Matter’…” Lewis said. “Even though Singers is a fun community family that we get to explore our voices and enjoy being with each other, there’s also the educational proponent that I want them all to be able to sing in many different languages, in many different styles of composers and time periods. So, the other languages is part of that but it’s also the messages of that.”

Lewis explains that she chose the arrangement order to tell a story through the music. She also explains the connection and importance of honoring the Easter season in the concert.

“We start the song ‘Speak to one another in spiritual songs’…so then we sing ‘Gloria in excelsis’ meaning ‘glory be to God’. That’s about as spiritual as you can get,” Lewis said. “And since the concert is during the Easter season “Gloria’ is a really important part of the liturgical church because we don’t get to sing it during lent. It’s completely gone. And to be able to sing a piece by Mozart in German Latin is something that I think they [The Averett Singers] need to experience while they are here at Averett.”

In addition to German Latin, Lewis also features a French song as well in order to further the story.

“The Dirait-on is one of my all-time favorite pieces in the world just because of the beauty of it.” Lewis said. “But it’s talking about narcissism and how people get so wrapped up in themselves and what other people say about that or what they say about it.”

Dirait-on is a French song literally translating to mean ‘so they say’. The song is from a collection of poetry titled Les Chansons des Roses.

Lewis also explains the different sounds and genres used throughout the concert. The gospel song, ‘Like a Mighty Stream’, adds to the story’s meaning as well.

“…It has a great message of justice rolling,” Lewis said. “Even though we think we are being hit from all sides, we have that power that spirit that is there for us and to defend us.”

Lewis explains how each song continues to connect with one another.

“And then going from that into ‘Moving On’ it’s like I’ve got all these things hitting me and yet I will be victorious,” Lewis said. “Doesn’t matter what the haters are saying, I will make it through.”

Lewis looks froward to taking the audience on a journey with this concept:

“No matter how bad things seem, or it seems like everyone is against you, there’s a way out,” Lewis said. “And music and singing or whistling or humming I think is one of the best vehicles to get out of whatever is hitting us.”

Lewis encourages anyone and everyone to attend this free event.

“It’s a great way to spend a Wednesday night before exams.” Lewis said. “It’s a nice study break before exams start the next morning. It’s a great support for a group who is out in the community and does a lot for the Averett community…”

Other concerts from Averett’s music and theater departments will also occur at the end of April. The AU Symphonic Band hosts their Spring Concert on Friday April 19 at 7pm in Pritchett Auditorium.

Averett’s new Show Choir also holds their Spring Performance on Monday April 22, 2024. They will perform current pop hits in a 45-minute non-stop review. The show also begins at 7 p.m. in Pritchett Auditorium.

For the full list of the Spring 2024 Averett Arts Schedule, go to


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