The soccer season 2022 comes to an end


Oliver kousholt

With the fall season 2022 being over, we look back and reflect over the recently finished soccer season for both Averett men’s and women’s soccer.

The women’s team came into their first ODAC season as the projected 12th seed after finishing their last season in the USA south as the 5th seed. The men’s team came into the season as the projected 8th seed after being eliminated in the tournament semifinal in their last ever season in the USA South.

The women’s team finished the season with a 5-9-2 record and a 9th seed in the ODAC which wasn’t quite enough to land them a spot in the conference tournament.

“I think that we can be very happy about our season this year, considering it was our first season in the ODAC,” Maiju Hyvarinen, member of the women’s soccer team, said. “I do believe that we could have performed even better and that we haven’t reached our full potential yet.”

A successful season that saw the team land three spots higher in the ODAC than they were predicted to, but there is still room for improvement.

“For the upcoming season we need to work on finishing our opportunities in front of goal and just connecting better as a team,” Hyvarinen said. “We also need to be better at possessing the ball as well as winning individual battles.”

On the other hand, it was a different story for the men’s team who couldn’t quite live up to the expectations that they were given.

“Looking at the results from our season we should be a bit disappointed,” Oscar Aamodt, member of the men’s soccer team, said. “In a few of the games we really showed how high our top level can be but unfortunately we couldn’t do that in all our games.”

The men’s team ended the season with a 4-9-5 record and a 9th seed in the ODAC which saw them just missing out on the last playoff spot.

“We need to deliver more consistent performances going into the next season,” Aamodt said. “Our top level is high, but we need to stay on that level more often if we want to be a thread for the top teams.”

Both teams can now look forward to the spring semester being out of season where the preparations start towards being ready for the next fall season.