Seniors Move One Step Closer to Graduation with Senior Pinning

Zoe Winnes, Staff Writer

On September 22, 2022, Averett seniors and their pinners lined up in the Pritchett Auditorium to receive their pins. Several of Averett faculty spoke words of encouragement, wisdom, and prayer to the graduating 2022 seniors. The ‘senior pin’ was brought about in the 90s when faculty members wanted students to have something significant to show that they are seniors. 

The seniors chose their pinner based on someone who has had a major impact on either their lives as a whole or during their time here at Averett. Pinners ranged from professors, coaches, and advisors. 

Allison Setliff, a senior majoring in business administration, chose her uncle, Todd Yeatts, to present her with her pin.

“I chose him because he has always served as a role model for me,” Setliff said. “To have him pin me was truly an honor.” After graduation, Setliff plans to obtain her masters degree at Averett University. 

Jahna Waters, a senior majoring in organizational communication and public relations,  chose professor of communications Susan Huckstep to be her pinner.

“She not only is my advisor, but she has been so helpful to me throughout my years at Averett,” Waters says. During the ceremony, Waters says she was “overwhelmed with gratitude for Dr. Huckstep’s advising and self-accomplishment for my education.” 

Both Setliff and Waters are very involved in student-life on campus.

“College is what YOU make of it,” Setliff says. “Averett has so many wonderful programs and organizations to get involved in – it’s just up to you to make the most of it and try new things.”