Averett Singers, A Musical Backdrop for Campus


Grayson Eaton

The Averett Singers practicing for upcoming concerts.

Grayson Eaton, Writer

Since the 1950’s, The Averett Singers have been a vital part of Averett University.  The group, currently consisting of 10 vocalists, is directed by Dr. Anne Lewis, professor of music & musical theatre and chair of the Music Department.

Lewis describes the Averett Singers as “the official singing representative of Averett University.”

The Averett Singers is a one credit class that meets three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Lewis also noted that scholarships are available to freshmen vocalists interested in joining the group.

Students participating in Singers enjoy making friends and challenging themselves vocally.

“The Averett Singers is really fun and a great way to make friends,” Mariely Mesa, a sophomore vocalist, said. “The Averett Singers gives you a chance to do things you never thought you could do vocally and it gives you the ability to enhance self-belief.”

In addition to performing at various events during the academic year, in the past the group has performed nationally. A few notable performances include performing at Carnegie Hall twice and performing “The National Anthem” live from Virginia International Raceway on national broadcast television.

Jaylen Madden, a freshmen vocalist, had many good things to say about Averett Singers and its director.

“Dr. Lewis is a wonderful director to work with.  She works very hard to ensure that all of the singers sound well together as well as making sure we’re very presentable to our audience during the performances,” Madden said. Madden also strongly encourages other people to register for the class because it is a great way to meet new people.

If you are interested in joining “The Averett Singers,” contact Lewis by e-mail ([email protected]), visit her office at The Grousbeck Music Center, or contact your advisor.