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Students during spring break

Students during spring break
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Students during spring break

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With our surroundings becoming increasingly green, the weather being warmer and clothing being lighter. We have spring break to look forward to. It’s a great time to recharge the batteries, and the students of Averett University will make the most out of the week off.

International freshman this year will use the spring break to stay in Danville. Even so, the excitement levels are high.

“I am so excited for spring break,” Max Goudry, a business major from Paris, France said, “I am staying at Averett during the break”.

Spring break is different from home. However, the chance to experience something new is being relished.

“Where I am from, we have a break that lasts two weeks. During the break we like to go to the mountains and ski,” Goudry said, “I am looking forward to the opportunity to relax during this break.”

Even though spring break is fun, being so far away from their loved ones is difficult for international students. Which is why reuniting to them is appreciated.

“I look forward to seeing my family again in May even more than I look forward to spring break.”




Among upperclassmen, there is an emphasis on spending time with people. Especially for those who are on their last spring break as college students.

“My plans for spring break are set in Nashville, Tennessee,” Cooper Carter, a senior who majors in art and marketing said,

“A couple of my friends will be coming with me. We chose Nashville for the thrill and musical ambience that is historically associated with the great city,” Carter said, “We plan to go out to jazz bars, walk around the city, and overall just soak in a break from Danville in a place with a chill aesthetic.”

As students move from being underclassmen to upperclassmen, their expectations, and perceptions of spring break change.

“My expectations towards spring break have changed significantly since my first year,” Carter said, “What seems so long ago now, freshman year I was struggling to find time for myself and wanted to separate myself from my friends,” Carter said, “That is exactly what I did for spring break that year, just took a week off and gave myself time to catch up.”

Upperclassmen have discovered the importance of creating memories with friends whilst they can.

“Nowadays, I value every single second I have with friends,” Carter said, “Especially if we can go somewhere different and make more memories.”

Upperclassmen gave their advice to first time spring break travelers.

“My tips for students when going on spring break are to go with people you trust,” Carter said, “Plan your trip months in advance as it is cheaper and more efficient and give yourself time and space to reset.”

International underclassmen and American upperclassmen have different perceptions and expectations for spring break, but one thing is for sure. The students of Averett university are excited for spring break 2024, which will be between 4th and 10th of March.

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