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Averett Students Actively Shaping Campus Life

Matthew Clark, third from left, with SAAC

There is no doubt that the students on Averett University’s campus are hardworking. Students work hard in the classroom and on the field, but they also work hard to stay involved on campus. Students around campus know how beneficial and important being involved is to their college experience.

“Being involved allows me to meet and interact with more people on campus and create a better sense of home and self identity here,” Matthew Clark, a sophomore majoring in sports communication, said. “It also allows me to get out of my room and be active.”

When trying to be involved, students are always finding ways to stay up to date with what is happening on campus. 

“I go to interest meetings and talk to Kameron Morris who works in student involvement or get information from Joy who works in the Student Success Center,” Jade Marable said. Marable is a freshman who is majoring in nursing. “I also talk to friends that I have here on campus.”

Student involvement also makes use of an Instagram account that helps them connect with students and keeps everyone updated on events happening on campus. 

“I stay up to date on current events, clubs, and activities going on. I always try to be at events that help with networking and are community building,” Clark said. “I stay up to date through social media and word of mouth.” 

Being involved on campus is very beneficial to commuter students as well. For students like Jamie Lynskey, a senior majoring in biomedical science, being involved can help students have the same college experience as residential students.

“Getting involved has definitely helped me to meet more people around campus because, as a commuter, the only people I see most of the time are my teammates and the biology department,” Lynskey said. 

Commuter students also have to find ways that can help them be more involved on campus since they are not there 24/7.

“I try to spend as much time as possible on campus,” Marable said. “I stay in student success where I can get work done. Staying in student success helps me meet new people and make more friends.”

“I typically check the student news Instagram to see what events are happening on campus as well as staying up to date through my on campus teammates and friends,” Lynskey said.

Averett also offers so many different teams, clubs, and organizations that students can be a part of. 

“I am a part of the men’s lacrosse team and on the SAAC e-board as a community engagement liaison,” Clark said. “I also work with the campus SID department and attend captains’ and leaders’ meetings with the athletic department.”

“I am involved in Sister for Sister, I am a Bonner Leader, and I am the captain of Averett’s cheer team,” Lynskey said.

The students at Averett University also know that it is never too late to be involved on campus. They even shared some advice for fellow students who want to be a part of the Averett experience. 

“Put yourself out there. It might be scary or intimidating at the beginning but everyone is welcoming,” Clark said. “The benefits of being involved outweigh the fears and anxieties that come with being involved at first.”

“Go for it! I think that with a campus so small the best thing to do is be involved,” Lynskey said. “You have the opportunity to meet new people and make connections you may need down the road.”

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