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How is Averett Handling Internet and Outdated Technology.

Averett University first opened its campus in 1859. Since then they have slowly upgraded facilities and built new structures. Like many colleges and businesses, 0ne thing that Averett has struggled to stay up to date with is technology around campus. 

Since the fall of this year, (2023) the internet has been unstable cutting in and out frequently leaving students and faculty without a way to access Canvas or other university related sites.

“It’s very frustrating,” Tyler Wilson, a junior majoring in business finance, said. “When the internet is down we are unable to do homework, play video games, or watch TV. It’s been a problem since my freshman year and it hasn’t changed

While the internet has been unstable, the IT department has been working on resolving the problem on campus. 

“We have been trying to upgrade the speeds and the range of the internet while upgrading the servers,” Zach Miloszar, a senior IT student employee majoring in physical education, said. “Unfortunately, it has been harder than we wanted, but we are trying our best to give the students the best quality they can get.”

The IT department is working hard to update campus computers and technology throughout the semester.

“Some of the challenges we have been facing are all the big changes when it comes to different software and upgrades that we are carrying out through the semester,” Miloszar said. “We are trying our hardest to keep the technology around campus as great as possible, and as current as possible.” 

On the other side of technology the IT department has been adding new features to classrooms such as new computers, TV’s in the classroom, and direct internet access. 

“We are working on upgrading the classrooms with new technology.” Miloszar said. “The new TV’s and computers allow for a better quality of presentation and are a great learning experience.”



“We are looking to keep Averett’s technology situation as easy and convenient as possible. We plan on keeping the University with all of the current technology to hopefully keep the campus community happy and as satisfied as possible,” Miloszar said. 

Averett’s IT department has been working day in and day out trying to find a solution that everyone has been satisfied with. 

If you have any questions, offices are open from Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm and are located on Danville Hall opposite the entrance to the Bishop Conference Center. You can also reach our Helpdesk at 434-791-5720.

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