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Newest Addition to Averett University Track and Field Coaching Staff

Chris Stovall (Left) and Cami Stovall (Right)

With Averett University indoor track and field season already underway the track and field team has more coaches on staff that will help them seek more improvement from their athletes as they continue their season. Since the addition of the men’s and women’s track and field teams came to Averett last year. Averett has had a limited number of coaches who were able to help their athletes compete to the best of their abilities. But since then Averett has added two new coaches this season that will help their athletes compete on an entirely new level. 

The husband and wife team of Chris Stovall and Cami Stovall are the newest additions to Averett’s track and field coaching staff and since being here they have both been looking forward to being able to coach at the collegiate level here at Averett.  

“I like the idea of building a program because me and my husband did that in Washington state. One of the things I liked was being able to start from scratch and not having to worry about fitting in or having to take somebody’s spot. Being a part of a new team is fantastic,” Cami Stovall said.

“It was an easy decision for me,” Chris Stovall said. “I wanted to come because my wife wanted to coach collegiately so I wanted to make sure that her dream became a reality and that is why we came out here.”

Chris Stovall (Left) coaching Nick Andrews (Right)

The Stovalls have been very excited to get the opportunity to take the knowledge that they gained from their previous years of coaching and apply it to practice while they’re here at Averett. 

“I coached all the way up to middle school, high school, and USA track and field teams but this is my first time coaching collegiately,” Chris Stovall said. “So last year I was the USA Track & Field and Cross Country Association coach of the year in Washington state.”

“I coached throws at Yelm High School and then before that I coached at Ridgeland Middle School,” Cami Stovall said. “We also had a summer track team that we coached for a long time and we had a number six national champion come out of that program.”

As Averett progresses through the indoor track and field season both coaches  came in this season prepared for ways not only to improve their athletes’ abilities but also being able to build a connection with their athletes and with their community as well.

“This track season I wanted to establish myself here in the Danville region,” Chris Stovall said. “I wanted to make sure we start a program here that is successful where the athletes know what they’re supposed to do and they are positive just in general to themselves and to the rest of the community.”

“My biggest goal is to get a strong foundation,” Cami Stovall said. “I have a lot of great attitudes to work with in throws so I think it’s really cool to build a foundation of where we are having fun but we are also working really hard and we are getting way more competitive than last year.”

Since joining Averett to coach for the track and field team, the duo has already developed a connection with each of their athletes while they compete at track meets as well as working at Averett University’s welcoming environment. 

“So personally from us not being from here it’s been nice to come to a place where we feel invited and we like to feel like we belong immediately,” Chris Stovall said. “We’ve been welcomed by the community, athletes, and coaches.”

“Honestly both of the track meets just to see everyone get out there and compete, especially at Roanoke College,” Cami Stovall said. “When you are going against more ODAC teams it makes me feel like I belong here.”

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