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Senior Spotlight: Oscar Aamodt

Paige Miller Yates

With the semester slowly coming to an end, some students are spending their last semester here at Averett.

One of them is Oscar Aamodt. Originally from Norway, Aamodt traveled to the United States back in 2020 where he started college in Illinois before transferring to Averett.

“I started off at Lincoln College in Illinois but I had to transfer due to the school’s financial issues,” Oscar Aamodt, senior majoring in sports administration, said. “I chose Averett mostly because of the opportunities to live off campus, the athletic facilities including the soccer program, and the opportunity to join the start of a new chapter in ODAC.”

Aamodt has a ton of memories from his time at Averett, but one particular comes to mind which is from the soccer field.

“One specific thing that really stood out was our recent win against Roanoke with the soccer team,” Aamodt said. “The feeling of the whole team working together to make the playoffs, and celebrating with the fans in the stands, and in the locker room afterwards was amazing. I think that is one of the best experiences of my whole soccer career.”

His time at Averett has also given him a lot of useful elements to bring with him back home as well as learned about himself and developed as a person.

“I have learned a lot academically of course, but I have also developed skills such as time management, communication skills, networking skills, etc.,” Aamodt said. “I have also learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses, and how I can use my strengths and skills in the future.”

After college, Aamodt has a clear plan of what his life away from Averett is going to look like.

“My plans after college are to travel to as many places as possible to experience new cultures and meet new people,” Aamodt said. “I will also start working as a soccer agent, a job I can hopefully do full-time soon while still playing soccer at an amateur level back home in Norway.”

Even though he is looking forward to completing his bachelor’s degree and start a new chapter back home, there’s also things he is going to miss about college.

“The thing I will miss the most is obviously all the people,” Aamodt said. “I am moving back home, and the friends I have here are from all over the world, so I know there are many of them I will never see again.”

With no graduation ceremony in December anymore, graduating students in the fall semester will now have to come back in May to walk the stage and receive their diploma. If you want more information on graduation, please visit




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About the Contributor
Oliver is a junior, international student coming from Denmark, Europe, majoring in sportscommunication and minoring in digital marketing. Outside the classroom, he spends most of histime on the field as a member of the men’s soccer team. After college he hopes to stay in thefield of sports either as a player, coach or a part of staff.