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New Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Engagement

Kameron Morris (Center)

Averett University is full of many capable staff and faculty members who are in the business of helping students achieve the best possible version of themselves. Kameron Morris is a new staff member who has made an impactful contribution to not only her job but also to attending to students’ needs as well. As the new assistant director of student involvement and engagement, she wants everyone on campus to know that she is here not only to do her job but also to lend a listening ear to learn more about students’ needs that will help them navigate the next four years of college. 

When the position of assistant director of student involvement and engagement opened it provided a chance for people that wanted to gain more experience and to help attend to the needs of students.

“I did a lot of research on Averett and I have been on the campus multiple times,” Morris said.“When I saw that there was an opening for assistant director of student involvement and engagement at Averett, why not take a try at it. One thing I want to get out of this experience is connecting with the students and making sure that their voices are heard.”

Coming to a new job can be difficult for people to know who you are, and to know what role you play in any workplace environment. It’s important to inform students, staff, and faculty so people know how to get in contact with each other. 

“I want to try and participate in as many events on campus as possible,” Morris said. “I want to show my face even during my lunch break. I’ll take a walk and introduce myself to students to make sure that my presence is known.” 

Coming into this position Morris has a lot of background knowledge and experience about what it takes to be a leader and be able to cater to the student’s interests when planning on-campus events. 

“Not only do I have experience post graduation with my bachelor’s degree but also during my undergraduate years I was heavily involved on campus,” Morris said. “I was on eight different student activity executive boards such as president of a step team, alumni relations, worked in admissions, and was an academic advisor. I also am the CEO of my nonprofit which also gives me experience in how to plan and how to organize events.”

With having the experience and knowledge to be able to work as the assistant director of student involvement and engagement. You must be able to apply what you learn from other careers and apply them to your targeted audience here at Averett. 

“One thing I learned from my previous experience and even here is that the students want people that are retable,” Morris said. “Even though that someone has a certain position you also want the students to know that you are picking on things that they like. This will show that I am here to help them out and be there for them.”

Being able to reach your target audience while in this position is a crucial part of this job title because this shows that you are listening to what the audience likes and dislikes to encourage them to come out to events on campus. 

“I’m working on surveying to see what students like and what they want to see on campus,” More said. “Students are only going to come out to events that relate to them or what they want to see. If students see that it’s not relatable, students won’t come out and this will help get the students’ voice back into student involvement.” 

If students want to suggest any other activities or ideas to get students more involved on campus they can visit Kameron Morris on the 4th floor of the Student Center on main campus to help students enjoy their college experience.

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