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Students Voice Opinions on Alcohol Policy


Alcohol consumption plays a major role in the lives of college students; whether that be at parties, fraternity events, or special occasions. As of February of 2023, 27 percent of college campuses in the United States have dry campus policies in effect. This, of course, includes Averett.

The current policy states that alcohol is not allowed in dorms, apartments, or any building on the university’s main campus. 

“I feel that alcohol should be allowed on campus,” Emmett Wood, a sophomore majoring in biochemistry, said. “Labeling ourselves as a ‘dry campus’ attempts to advertise a safer campus to prospective students and community members, not cut down on drinking.”

The current policy, however, does allow the President and Executive Vice President of the University to permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages during home football games. In order to do this, there must be a designated area of the North Campus parking lot for tailgating. 

Bri Rawls, a senior majoring in sociology and criminal justice, believes that alcohol at tailgates is fair, but also has its risks. 

“Most students go to the tailgates to drink and enjoy the games, but they are having to drive to go to North Campus to do so,” Rawls said. “Allowing alcohol on Main Campus would allow students to enjoy themselves while also being safe.”

Rawls feels that the dry campus policy does more harm than good. 

“It seems to cause more issues than anything because it causes students to get in trouble if they do have alcohol and leads to more off-campus drinking,” Rawls said. “This then leads to drinking and driving.” 

According to The National Institute of Health, approximately 16%-30% of college students have admitted to drinking and driving. 

Wood disagrees that allowing the consumption of alcohol on campus will change the safety of students. 

“I doubt allowing alcohol will have much of an effect on the campus’ safety,” Wood said. “Other projects like promoting healthy habits would be more likely to occur.”

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