AU Singers are More than Just a Singing Group

AU Singers are More than Just a Singing Group

Wyatt Achelpohl, Staff Writer

Here at Averett university, two of the most important things to do on campus, are to get involved with some type of club or organization, and to work with your advisor, so you have someone that will help you make sure that you’re successful in your classes. Well, one of the many organizations that we have here on campus that is a class that counts for one credit hour is Averett Singers.

The Singers is one of the two choir groups on campus, that represent the school. During the year, the Singers have many events on campus including a recent April 16 concert. Having groups like choir and band here means more to a lot of people that most others don’t realize. For the students that have been in this group for multiple semesters, this means so much more than just course credit. It’s a group of friends that they have for a long time if not the rest of their lives, and to some students, a second family.

Erin Hayes, who is one of the so-called veteran sopranos the of group, and a junior here at AU, had this to say about why she’s in this class, and what she expects out of the singers main event this spring, which is the big spring concert on April 16th at 2:30pm.


“I found Averett Singers mostly because I grew up singing in choirs, pretty much anywhere at any level, and I wanted to continue that, and I wanted an outlet for that, because that’s how I express myself, so I don’t end up going off on friends or family or whatever,” Erin Hayes, a junior, said. “I’m able to express myself without having to. I’m able to channel what I’m feeling into what we’re singing and mold it into the piece that it needs to be.”

One of the many great things about Averett Singers is that they have new people join the upperclassmen every semester.

“Every semester is different because there are always new singers, and a different arrangement of voice parts,” Dr. Anne Lewis, professor of music and director of the Averett Singers, said.  “I really love seeing a group of people maybe not knowing each other, not knowing how to be like a team, and watching them bond together as people, and blending, and utilizing specific characteristics of each voice into a common core or whole. Choir is a place people find other people outside of their discipline that they can connect to, because choir, choral music, and singing is a connection like no other.”

If you missed the Averett Singers Spring Concert, you can view it at