IDA Equestrian Team Wins Regional Championship at Wake Forest

Aaron Haley, Staff Writer

Here at Averett University, the Equestrian team continues to gain regional and national recognition.  The IDA team recently made a statement by winning the regional championship at Wake Forest University for their 4th consecutive win, and their 11th total regional championship win.

“We all pushed ourselves beyond what we initially thought our potentials were and achieved something great as a team,” Elyse Keeney, sophomore rider who placed fourth in the Lower Training category, said.

The team is very proud of their win, along with the win streak that they are currently on. The IDA riders sported several impressive wins and placements in this championship. Senior rider Annie Morgan received the award of Reserve High Point Rider, and another senior, Breanna Gemmell, placed fourth riding in First Level. Gemmell also received first place in DSE (Dressage Seat Equitation.) Junior rider Alex Davis placed fifth at Intro. The team had quite a few sophomores place with Paig Johnson in fifth place at Upper Training as well as second at Upper Training for DSE, Elyse Keeney placing fourth at Lower Training, and following closely, Rebecca Nelson placing fifth at Lower Training.

The Equestrian team is a tight knit group of riders that are constantly supporting each other and pushing each other to be the best riders that they can be.

“The Averett Equestrian Team has become a family to me, they are my home away from home and having so many people that support each other has been an incredible experience,” Keeney said.

The Equestrian team needs to support each other more than ever in the upcoming weeks as they train and prepare for the IDA Nationals. The date is currently TBA(to be announced), but is set to take place sometime between April 21-23rd. 

Best of luck to the IDA riders as sights are set to bring home a national title for the Averett Cougars!