One Year Done, Three More to Go: Freshmen and their First Year at Averett


Freshman Lisanne Giuaux (top right) with other Bonner leaders

Rebecca Briones, Staff Writer

As the class of 2023 prepares to say their goodbyes to Averett, the class of 2026 is preparing for summer break and coming back next semester as sophomores. It may seem hard to believe that their first year at Averett flew by so fast. In the end, the speed of time didn’t stop Averett’s freshmen from making amazing memories and even learning a few life lessons.

Lisanne Guiaux is an international student from the Netherlands. She is a freshman majoring in sports communications and she is one of many students who has found a second home at Averett.

“I am glad that my first year went so well and it turned out to be even better than I thought it would,” Guiaux said. “Averett has brought me so many great things in my first year already, academically, athletically and many friends and other opportunities. This all makes me very excited for my next year at Averett.”

While students like Guiaux have found a place to call home while away from home, others live a little too close to campus to feel the same way. Alexandra Wells is a freshman from Danville, VA. She is a sports administration and business major. Since Wells lives so close to campus, she commutes back and forth every day. Commuting can sometimes make college a little less enjoyable at times and sometimes you want the time to go even faster.

“I feel like I have learned a lot, but I am ready to graduate.” Wells said.

Other freshmen, like CJ Wilson, are looking forward to their future at Averett. Wilson is majoring in criminal justice and is minoring in African American studies.

“I feel like it’s been an amazing learning experience, but this is just the beginning.” Wilson said.

Whether these freshmen live on campus or off, they have all had the chance to make some amazing memories.

“One of my favorite memories was getting to go to my service site for the Bonner Leadership Program. My service site is Forest Hill Elementary, being there as a teaching assistant has brought me so much joy,” Guiaux said. “Another good memory was beating Wooster in a comeback game with the lacrosse team that I just joined this semester as a walk-on.”

One of the biggest perks about going to college is the chance you have to meet new people and make lifelong friends.

“My favorite memories are spending time with friends I already knew in class and making new friends,” Wells said.

While at Averett, freshmen have a chance to experience new things while also being a part of them. These experiences lead to even more fun memories.

“One of my favorite memories was winning freshman homecoming prince,” Wilson said. “My second favorite memory was joining the lacrosse team; it’s been nothing but cherishing events since.”

Averett’s freshman have also learned many new ways to flourish on campus during their first year by learning many useful lessons.

“I would say that being involved on campus was one of the things that really changed my experience on campus. The people are really what makes Averett fun, and being involved you get to know more and more people,” Guiax said. “I was not really involved in the fall because I did not think it would matter much, but as I got more involved in the spring my experience at Averett got even better.”

The class of 2026 has also learned a lot in the classroom and even some things that can help them during the rest of their college career.

“I’ve learned not to join every club and program that exists just for the heck of it. It can become very overwhelming,” Wilson said.

Since Averett’s freshmen have had a chance to learn what life is like in college and how helpful this newfound information can be, they have lots of advice that they would like to share with the incoming freshmen.

“My advice would be to get involved on campus and make many connections with both students and professors. Another piece of advice I would give is to make the best of what you’ve got. Averett might not seem like that great of a place at first, but it really can be if you try.” Giuaux said.

“I would tell them to just be themselves and be confident regardless of how hard the situation might be,” Wilson said.