The wackiest of dogs, Averett student opens opportunities for the future


Shane Michel, Staff Writer

While Averett students have their hands full with classes, athletics, or whatever it may be. They always find time to pursue their passions. David Asbill, a senior majoring in business finance and administration, is no stranger to this idea.

Asbill recently started selling his own brand of hats, WackyDawg, on the internet.

“WackyDawg is a different kind of hat brand,” Asbill said. “Specializing in unique animal influenced designs I feel this sets us apart from other hats out there.”

With the spring rolling around and outside sports starting the need for hats will always be there.

“I always wanted my own business and I like hats,” Asbill said. “I thought it would be cool to make my own hats with designs that I would like to see on hats.”

Selling out of the three different styles, the company saw much success in its first drop.

“Since WackyDawg has taken off I’ve had a good amount of sales,” Asbill said. “After having received great feedback on the designs and quality of the hats themselves.”

With the demands of college and other activities, being able to run a clothing company is not an easy feat for the senior.

“I am able to manage the company with my current workload by working on the company throughout the day,” Asbill said. “Although being challenging with academics and athletics, WackyDawg will always be there as well.”

With the success the first drop saw, the sky’s the limit for Asbill and “WackyDawg.”

“I hope for the future of WackyDawg to include many new designs,” Asbill said. “As well as the addition of shirts in the near future.”

With this just being the inception there are endless possibilities for Wackydog and David Asbill himself.

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