Internships Help to Prepare Students for Future Careers


Zoe Winnes, Staff Writer

With today’s job market becoming more and more competitive, the experience and skills college students have need to be effective in their desired areas. For some students, internships are required as part of their majors. Others pursue internships to further their experience in the field they wish to pursue in the future. 

“Internships provide students with valuable workplace experience,” Angie McAdams, director of career competitiveness, said. “This experience not only teaches hard, technical skills related to a field of study, but also offers students the chance to learn valuable, transferable skills (communication, problem-solving, etc.).”

According to McAdams, students who participate in internship programs are viewed by hiring managers as being a leader and are more likely to be hired. 

Luke Stewart, a senior majoring in sports administration, is part of a sales and marketing internship with the Danville Otterbots, a baseball team here in Danville. 

“I want to work in a front office for a professional sports team one day and become a general manager, so interning in the front office for the Otterbots is a great experience for my future,” Stewart said. 

Jonathan Gregory, a junior majoring in marketing management, also interns with the Otterbots as part of the sales and marketing internship. 

“I was inspired by my brother to get into sports sales and marketing,” Gregory said. “This internship is giving me the tools I need to accomplish my dream of being successful in this career field.”

Austin Scher, the general manager for the Otterbots, has provided both Stewart and Gregory with everything they need to be successful in the sports sales and marketing field. 

“Going to multiple public events with my team I see him make connections with people that lead to both a personal and professional relationship,” Gregory said. “With that being said, I have tried my best to pick up on any key things he does, but the best piece of advice he has given me is to just be myself when it comes to networking.”

The Center for Community Engagement and Career Competitiveness (CCECC) can help students learn more about internship opportunities in and around Danville. 

“The CCECC helps students connect with community partners, businesses, and alumni to locate internships,” McAdams said. “We also assist students with polishing their resumes and preparing them for the interview process.” 

Students who are interested in becoming involved in an internship program should visit the CCECC office (204 Woodland Drive) or contact Angie McAdams ([email protected]).