A Checklist for Senior Year

Caitlin Towler, Staff Writer

Graduation is just around the corner for Averett’s seniors. These next two months are filled with exciting times for some, and anxiety for others, but it will all be missed in the end. To make sure that you are on track for graduation, check our checklist from the Registrar’s office below:

Student loan repayments also begin soon after graduation. The typical grace period for beginning loan repayment is six months after graduation, but students can begin paying at any time. Knowing how and where to access your loan information is extremely important to keep up with payments and important information.

Kelsey Blanks has been the student accounts manager for Averett for six years and advises students to keep up with their ongoing loan balances and review the interest involved on each of their loans. Not all students will have the same loan officer.

“The federal government assigns loan providers to each students, not everyone will have the same loan provider so payment arrangements may differ from student to student,” Blanks said.

Students’ loan information can be found through the loan website, nslds.ed.gov. All students will need to have their FSA ID and password for login purposes.

Ashley Bowman, associate registrar, has worked at Averett for four years and graduated from Averett as an undergraduate in May 2018.

In Bowman’s experience, seniors often forget to apply for graduation online. When applying, this informs the registrar’s office that you are anticipating finishing your requirements and plan to participate in commencement. This also speeds up the process of estimating the number of tickets for graduation.

“We use your graduation application to help us know how many students plan to participate in the ceremony and that directly relates to how many tickets each graduate gets to bring to the ceremony,” Bowman said.

There are several events planned for seniors. Please view the image above the article for more information on dates and locations.

For more information on deadlines and Graduation information, please click here.