Days of giving raises $52,223


Oliver kousholt, Staff writer

The annual Day of Giving for Averett athletics has been concluded and a record high of $52,223 was raised across all the athletic teams. A very successful event that saw 12 programs meet their goals.

This year the event took place over two days instead of only one which gave people longer time to make their donations.

The event has been created as a fundraiser for the student athletes of Averett where alumni, parents’ and friends of students or whoever it may be, have the opportunity to donate money towards one of the many athletic programs.

The importance and necessity of the event is well aware among the faculty and staff members of the athletic department.

“Day of Giving is an important event,” Colton Dutchess, assistant coach on the men’s soccer team, said. “It helps members of the university gain beneficial and necessary equipment to better the student-athlete experience and their development.”

The athletes are very appreciative of the event and its contribution to their respective athletic programs.

“For me the day of giving is a great opportunity for all teams to be able to improve their experience as a student athlete,” Josh Bottrell, member of the men’s tennis team, said.

“It’s reassuring to see that people are willing to donate to us, to help us improve and become better as a team.”

The donations from the event have a huge influence on the different programs and give them opportunities that wasn’t possible without it.

“In the past, it has provided Averett Soccer with wearable GPS sensors that have allowed us to be able to track our players physical output during trainings and matches,” Dutchess said. “This has allowed us to better understand recovery, pace, and areas to better our players performance in ways we didn’t have access to before.”

It is still possible to make donations via the link