Sports Information Department Looking for Students to Help Take Broadcast to the Next Level

Aaron Haley, Staff Writer

Averett’s Sports Information Department(SID) has been growing at an impressive rate. There is currently a game-day broadcast that sports multiple camera angles, sports commentators, and commercial breaks, and a more recent introduction of sideline reporting. The SID hires students who have an interest in this field of work to help make all of these things happen. It is a great opportunity for students to learn new skills and hone their craft.

“A lot of internships or jobs similar to this you sit behind someone and watch them do it. With this job I am the one working and learning from hands-on experience,” Kris Richmond, a senior student and sports commentator with the SID work study, said

Whether you are currently an athlete or simply enjoy sports, the SID work study is a great space for those who enjoy being in an athletic environment. 

“I like the broadcast the most but overall I just like being a part of the sporting games,” Jake Braun, one of the several broadcasters/reporters on the SID crew, said.

Game days here at Averett have a lot of people and students playing different roles to make the production as seamless and professional as possible. On top of the wonderful sports commentating that the game-day broadcast offers, sideline reporting has recently been introduced. This has really added a professional touch to the broadcast. 

Even if you are camera shy, or do not enjoy public speaking, there is still a place for you. Ethan Stephens, a junior here at Averett, works behind the scenes running the software that makes the entire broadcast flow by tasks such as switching the camera angles, displaying the on-screen graphics, and queuing commercial breaks. 

“My favorite aspect of the job is being able to support many of the athletic teams here at Averett while working and doing it with some of my closest friends,” Stephens said.

So whether you want to be behind the camera, the computer, the scoreboard table, or even in front of the camera, Averett’s SID workstudy has a place for you. The SID work study space is a great area to begin building your portfolio and gaining experience while still in school, or if you just enjoy sports, earn an extra buck!

“It’s a great experience and chance to make a profile for yourself as well as make some money while being a student,” Braun said.

Richmond agrees, “At the end of the day you are getting paid to be at sporting events which is the best deal in my opinion.”