What Does Black History Month Mean To You?


Crispin Jackson, Staff Writer

February was the month to honor black history. This month is important to the black community because it highlights all things African Americans did in the United States. Black History Month means a lot to African Americans because it’s not just a story of struggle but highlights people who are inventors, artists, and leaders. African Americans have done so much in the world from  building the White House to having a lasting impact on music.

“Black History Month to me is showing love to the past but also seeing the future for African Americans,” Nate Lake, assistant director of student involvement, said. “ I’m half white and half black but I still understand what African American did in the United States.”

 Some believe we should see more African American teachers on campus or more African American culture classes.

“More black teachers on campus would be great because teachers that could understand students, Rodney Countryman, director of residence life, said. “We are improving with African American  staff members like myself and Mrs. Tammy Jackson talking to black students on campus.”