Serve Learning Class Challenges Your Basketball Skills

Jayden Richmond, Staff Writer

In college courses may require a  service learning project. The sociology of sport class is currently planning free-throw/three-pointer contest to benefit local youth programs. The event will take place Saturday, April 22, from 9am-1pm in the E. Stuart James Grant Center on Averett”s North Campus.

The event is part of a service learning project led by  Dr. Slade Lellock, an assistant professor in the department of sociology and criminal justice. Members of his SOC 344 Sociology of Sports Class have developed, planned and will execute the charity fundraiser.

 “A recurring theme of the course examines how sports are more than ‘just a game,’ but also potential sites of community betterment and transformation. Through this project, I hope this lesson is reinforced through their active, engaged participation,” Lellock said. 

Although service learning projects are time consuming, Lellock still find enjoyment in participating in them  

“The most enjoyable part of this project so far has been working with the SOC344 Sociology of Sport students and watching them take ownership of the project,” Lellock said. “They have contributed so much to the planning and offered up some really great ideas that I never would have dreamed of. They offer so many unique perspectives and I’ve learned a lot from collaborating with them. I am appreciative that Averett encourages and supports high-impact learning opportunities such as these.”

 Lellock notes the event is open to everyone, regardless of skill level.

“Even if you are someone who has never picked up a basketball in your life before (it’s been many years myself), there will be a space for you to participate and help raise funds for charity,” Lellock said. 

Sign-up information will be provided at a later date.Be on the look out for future announcements.