What’s up Jut’s! Students voice opinions on local stop and shop


Shane Michel, Staff writer

Jut’s cafe has been a staple of Averett university for years now. Going through many changes in its existence, this small market located under the Cougar Den, provides students with the ability to get a quick bite to eat, or pass time in between classes.

“I think Jut’s benefits students here at Averett tremendously,” Ethan Stephens, a junior commuter student, said. “With their reasonable options and hours, students are able to grab a snack or drink in between classes when the Cougar Den is closed.

With a meal plan also comes currency in this market known as “Jut’s Bucks” there are denominations of the currency based on the meal plan purchased here at the school. But this concept opens a different door for students when purchasing options at the market.

“The prices at Jut’s changing have created a bigger need for Jut’s bucks,” Stephens said. “Some students who are commuters might not have these same options and have to pay out of pocket.”

Jut’s isn’t just a food market, with everyday household needs on the ready, this makes the market a valuable resource for students.

“I find myself getting medication and even batteries from Jut’s consistently,” Wesley Payne, a senior commuter student, said. “With these items available at Jut’s it allows me to save time and money by not having to go to the store for these items.”

Jut’s has gone through many changes over the years at Averett. With different hours than in years past, students feel there is room for improvement in an already well-run business.

“Food swipes used to be a thing and a very good thing at that,” Tyler Smith, a senior residential student, said. “Being able to go there almost anytime of the day for a sandwich and a drink is unmatched.”

One area where students think the cafe can benefit from is more staffing.

“The lack of staffing in the cafe during the morning hours is stressful,” Jake Braun, a sophomore residential student, said. “Trying to get a morning coffee with one worker taking 8 orders not only puts stress on the students but the employee working as well.”

Next time you find yourself in a time crunch at Averett, remember Jut’s will be there when you need it most.