Averett Celebrated Black History Months with a Variety of Events


Timothy Goldsmith, Staff Writer

Throughout Black History Month Averett University has hosted and presented many events for their students, staff, and faculty. Averett University has offered many opportunities for everyone to learn and participate throughout the month of February. This allowed all ethnicities on Averett University’s diverse campus to be engaged and educated about the different aspects of Black History Month. 

Tia Yancey, director of volunteerism at The Center For Community Engagement & Career Competitiveness believes the importance of having and sharing these events on campus. 

“Hosting Black History Month events on campus is important to share the black experience and culture throughout our diverse campus to let everyone know a lot of the untold history from different people,” Yancey said. 

Averett University brought in a guest speaker that talked to everyone about the history of African head wraps. This event educated people about how African women who used head wraps were treated while they were enslaved in America. But in African culture it is seen as prestigious attire and to be able to distinguish a person’s economic status.

“Black History Month is about bringing awareness to everyone and to share cultural differences and to see how we share some similarities and learn where things originated from,” Yancey said. “But this also gives an opportunity for not only the students but as well as our faculty and staff to come celebrate Black history.’”

Averett University has shown other ways by celebrating Black History Month. They provided many opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to get involved.

“We also celebrate Black History Month in various ways by supporting Black owned businesses, Inviting a West African drumming and dance group, Black History Month Trivia Night, and etc,” Yancey said. 

Black History Month is an opportunity for everyone to learn and celebrate about Black culture. This allowed everyone to have a better understanding and approach to other people outside of their own culture.

While attending these events the students showed engagement with guest speakers. Different ethnicities were present to learn more about the rich African culture and their history. 

Fermin Borbua-Watson, president of the black student union, was proud to see different students from different backgrounds attending these events and being engaged in conversations about what it means to be a Black student at a predominantly white institute.

“The conversation that was talked about was the culture and the differences about the life adjustment when coming to Averett University as well as not being able to be around people that look like them,” Borbua-Watson said.

The events during Black History welcomed everyone to come out and join the conversation.  Students from different ethnic backgrounds came to learn and ask questions about Black culture and the history behind their way of life. 

“It was very meaningful that so many people came out and attended these events so that they can go back and talk to their family and friends about what they learn and spread the knowledge to other people as well,” Borbua-Watson said.