Tips For Staying Eco-Friendly on Campus

Cliresa Hall, Staff Writer

With concern surrounding climate change and pollution, it can be a beneficial idea for anyone, including college students, to learn more about sustainability. When it comes to staying environmentally conscious on campus, a few small changes in routine could make a huge difference for the planet.

Professor of Biology Dr. Shelton Herbert highlights three tips for busy college students to try out in regard to staying sustainable: switching out single-use plastic water bottles with clean canteens, carpooling, and recycling as much as possible.

“When possible, why not use a clean canteen or a YETI,” Herbert said. “It doesn’t have to be a big fancy name brand, as long as it’s good, insulated, and performs well. Use that when you can and at least reduce what you can.”

As far as reducing excess energy from vehicles, Herbert has a simple solution: hang out with friends.

“If you know that a bunch of you are always going to a certain location, when it’s convenient and when you can, why not go there in one group,” Herbert said. “Every little bit adds up, so look for the places where it is convenient. When there is an option to recycle, absolutely.”

Some students are already implementing sustainability into their routines.

“I carry a water bottle with me,” Andrew Guynn, a freshman commuter student, said. “I feel like they (Averett University) already do a pretty good job with the transportation between here and North Campus.”

Above all, Herbert suggests that the most important aspect of implementing sustainability into a hectic lifestyle filled with exams and assignment deadlines is practicality.

“My suggestion is let’s start with what we can,” Herbert said. “We’re more likely to do things that are easier than something that’s hard, so let’s start with the practical and build from there.”