Gas prices impact students and the local economy


Wyatt Achelpohl, Staff Writer

The economy of US is made up of so many different things that make up what the country is today. Possibly one of the biggest factors is transportation. With the COVID-19 pandemic, 0ur country’s infrastructure has been hit hard over the past three years, As we’ve seen over the past year and a half, gas prices have been on a roller coaster.

Although it’s not always the case, frequently lists Sam’s Club as having the cheapest gas in our area. Finding the least expensive gas is important to students who have drive back and forth between Averett’s campuses.

“I normally go to North at least every day because I’m a student athlete,” senior Lauren Montren said. “And honestly if I’m going anywhere else, it’s going to be the grocery store like Walmart or Target, stuff like that maybe fast food so all in the general vicinity. I’ll probably spend about $30 a week on gas.”

Montren also notes that traveling back and forth between the campuses adds to the wear and tear on her car as well as her gas mileage.

Students are not the only ones concerned with gas prices. According to Danville’s Division Director of Public Works Chris Clarke, the city normally buys 150 gallons of gas per week.

“We average about 30,000 gallons of gas a month, the same with diesel. We use approximately 4500 gallons of propane a month,” Clarke said.

According to Clarke, the city can purchase gas in bulk through NYMEX at a lower rate than what the average consumer pays.

Clarke notes that two years ago gas cost $1.35 a gallon. Today it’s

As we’ve seen gas prices impact students as well as our local and global economy.

Credit for photo to:WSET abc 13 news