Averett introduces new internship involving the metaverse

Oliver Kousholt, Staff writer

Following the new partnership between Averett and Dalarada Corporation, a new internship regarding the metaverse has been introduced to the students this spring semester.

“The Internship is offered with the goal of bringing a truly innovative and differentiated educational experience to Averett students around how digital tools through Web 3.0 can be used to create value for society,” John Vigouroux, chief entrepreneurship and innovation officer, said. “We are emphasizing the importance of individual ownership and leveling the playing field of opportunity in this new paradigm. The Internships are gratefully funded by Dalrada Corporation and lead by Chief Strategy Officer Jose Arrieta as an entrepreneurial startup concept using unique and leading-edge technologies.”

The metaverse is a completely brand-new concept in the world of technology which has caught the attention of a lot of people. A whole new mindset where people are able to enter a digital world through the help of virtual reality.

“The Metaverse is widely used in the media and tech firms to define lots of technical gobbledygook,” Vigouroux said. “It is viewed as the internet being brought to life, or at least rendered in 3D.  I just call it the next evolution of the Internet. Often referred to as Web 3.0.”

The internship has proven to be quite appealing for the students who have shown big interest and excitement towards it.

“I signed up for the metaverse internship because I like to explore the web 3.0 world,” Evgeniy Bogdasaryan, senior majoring in business administration with focus on management science, said. “I have been interested in cryptocurrency for a while now and I have participated in plenty of project about it and I still am, so I am very excited about the internship.”

The rise of the metaverse has been extremely influential and significant so far and there is a strong believe that this type of technology is here to stay.

“I believe that web 3.0 will eventually take over web 2.0 and internet communication will be more private and decentralized,” Maksim Sukhomlinov, Junior majoring in accounting and finance, said. “I truly think that this form of technology is the future.”

The partnership between Averett and Dalrada has been a huge success and they already have a clear and well worked out plan for what the future holds regarding Averett and the metaverse.

“Dalrada will create a digital persona/ digital twin to tie mapping capabilities to an individual student, employee or campus location. This will allow the ability for digital transactions to occur on campus,” Vigouroux said. “Students will be offered opportunities to be involved in the creation of these digital tools through internships, potential jobs and future Averett faculty course offerings.”

Exiting opportunities involving the metaverse awaits for Averett students and faculty members.