Averett Introduces New Director of Health Services


Kendall Sanders, Staff Writer

Health services at Averett University welcome a new director Theresa Barker. Barker has been a nurse for approximately 15 years. She started her nursing career working in an intensive care unit. Barker brings a wealth of diversified knowledge to the position including a backgrhoud working in cardiac catheterizations and interventional radiology.

Although not a Danville native she is very familiar with the area.

“I am not originally from Danville,” Barker said. “I’m from a small town in Halifax County called Scottsburg, Virginia.”

Barker previously taught nursing at Danville Community College for about 5 years and worked as a substitute school nurse for about a year before taking the position here at Averett. She also earned her accounting degree from Averett.

Interestingly, Barker did not begin her career in nursing. After having to deal with losing her brother at an early age and her mother’s cancer diagnosis her primary interest changed

“Nursing was my second career. Initially, I studied accounting and worked in that field for about 10 years before realizing it was not a good fit for me,” Barker said. “I had two close family members face life-changing health issues and during the process of dealing with that my interest in the health field grew.”

If you need assistance with Health Services, you can expect a welcoming judgment-free zone.

“I am very open, and I love to educate. If you come to health services not only, are you going to be seen for your symptoms you are going to be educated,” Barker said. “I want students to feel this is a safe place and they can be open with me and not feel intimidated. I want students to come here and ask questions without any judgment.”

Barker encourages students to take advantage of the Health Services provided at Averett.

“Students should be proactive with their health,” Barker said.  “As young people sometimes, it’s not thought about as much as it should be.”