An Inside Look At Averett’s New Digital Design Program

Caitlin Towler, Staff Writer

While Averett has a selection of art classes available for students, in earlier years graphic design was not on the roster. However, along with the announcement of the new hospitality management program, Averett has created the long-waited digital design program that features two courses for the spring 2023 semester, including Viral and Organic Growth and Introduction To Digital Design.

Adding a digital design minor may interest you if you are interested in creative or economic careers.

“The graphic design minor pairs well with many of our existing majors. If a student is interested in communication, art, marketing or business-related fields, an understanding of web and graphic design can be very important,” Dr. Susan Huckstep, associate professor of communication and digital design program director, said. “I think it’s also a great minor for students who may want to start their own business.”

Learning graphic design skills through the minor could lead to more career opportunities for students.

“Employers are looking for students who have that ‘extra something’ beyond just the requirements of their academic major,” Huckstep said. “A minor like this one can give you an advantage when you are looking for a job.”

While the course is welcome to those who previously had graphic design knowledge and skills, it is also very inclusive for students who are new to creating digitally with the Adobe Design suite.

“I think it’s important for students to remember that you’re not going to be perfect at graphic design when you first start out. There is so much more to it than copying and pasting images. It really is an art form that takes some time to learn,” Huckstep said.

In the upcoming semesters, class offerings will include Design Branding and Typography. Huckstep has great expectations for the program, as it allows students to expand their creativity.

“I hope that students will discover how much fun a program like this can be. You not only gain a valuable skill set, but you have the chance to be creative,” Huckstep said. “This is a program that should grow and thrive at Averett.”