Senior Spotlight, Lucas Jayne


Late in the semester can be a stressful time for many students. Seniors preparing to graduate while other students prepare for finals. Lucas Jayne, who is one of the seniors preparing to graduate on December 8th has had a great four at Averett. Jayne will graduate with a Criminal Justice Major.

“I have been lucky enough to have several great professors that pushed me to be better,” Jayne said, “I have had retired police officers, crime scene investigators, FBI agents, and lawyers guide me through the steps to becoming an officer.”

Jayne’s time at Averett has helped shape his future with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, in North Carolina. While his professors pushed him in the classroom, the smaller class sizes allowed Jayne to focus on his work and be a four-year starter for the men’s lacrosse team.

“The lessons from Averett athletics such as being on time is late, taking pride in every rep and trusting in my teammates have also set my future up great.” Jayne said, “The ability to get close with professors can really help in tough situations.

Jayne’s experience with the lacrosse team opened doors to relationships that he will have forever. The program started the year before Jayne got to Averett, which led to a close-knit group that always had each other’s backs.

“Spending time with my teammates on and off the field will always be my favorite part of Averett,” Jayne said, “It’s amazing looking back at former teammates and seeing how far we have come due to Averett.”

Jayne has wanted to be a police officer from a young age, the ability to help people in the area has always been important to him. While Jayne will no longer play lacrosse his career will provide other challenges.

“I want an exciting career, that will challenge me mentally and physically.” Jayne Said.

Overall, Jayne took advantage of the resources Averett provided, to further his career choice. His experiences while being a student athlete proves his ability to multi-task and perform well.