What Does A Tattoo Mean To You?

Jake Braun, Staff Editor

When you see a tattoo what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Here at Averett tattoos have many different meanings. Some tattoos are for memorial, family, motivation, opportunity, and reminders.


Memorial tattoos are for something, especially a structure, established to remind people of a person or event.


“My tattoo is a memorial piece for my grandmother,” Sam Roome, Averett sports performance head coach, said. “I think tattoos are a great way to express gratitude and this was a great way for me to commemorate her.”

Family tattoos are a symbol of love. Tattooing is about self-expression, but it’s also a way to show love and honor in a relationship. Family is a harbor that makes us feel safe. It gives us strength and support.


“My tattoo is a picture of me in a basketball jersey with my last name and number,” Jem Lawence, a junior student, said. “It’s got three crowns for me, my dad, and my brother. It says ‘more than a number’ because the number 32 has been around my family all my life. When I went to the same college as my dad I wanted to get the same number as him.”

Motivational tattoos can be anything from a quote to a picture. Motivation gives someone the reason to act, behave, or perform in a certain way.


“My tattoo is a quote by Jerry Rice,” Cole McLain, a sophomore student, said. “It gives me inspiration to work hard everyday.”

When a family member is against getting a tattoo, for some this gives the opportunity to be rebellious.


“When I turned 18 it gave me the opportunity to go against my parents even when they told me not to and rebel,” Lauren Montren, a senior student, said. 

Other tattoos people get for an event that took place in their life. These events can be very hard on some people and the tattoo gives them a sign that they can get through it.


“My spine tattoo is a reminder that going through a tough time is hard, but rough times come to an end,” Ashley Harris, a senior student, said.

Tattoos are very popular among young adults these days. Some of them get tattoos to look cool, or they are influenced by other people. For others, tattoos represent a memory or incident that has a special meaning in their lives, but overall tattoos give a person definition.