Zoe Winnes, Staff Writer

At Averett, intramural sports are happening all year long thanks to assistant director of student involvement, Nate Lake. These sports include dodgeball, volleyball, pool, basketball, cornhole, kickball, and pickleball. Intramural sports are a great way for students to come together and have some competitive fun after long days of classes. 

The 2022 intramural volleyball season came to a close on November 7, 2022 when ‘The Melting Pot’ defeated ‘#blocked’ in the championship game that took place in the Carrington Gym. Each of the five teams, consisting of both students and staff members, fought their way to the playoffs. Juniors and Danville natives Cathryn Estes and Katie Moore were both members of the ‘#blocked’ team. Both Estes and Moore have a history with playing volleyball, but this was their first intramural season.

“My favorite part about intramurals was the fun competitive side that our team had on the court,” Moore said. “We all didn’t play volleyball growing up, but everyone came together to try to win.” Estes, an outside hitter, has played since fourth grade and played all the way through high school while also playing for the cougars her first year at Averett. Moore, a setter, started playing in sixth grade and competed in both high school and travel volleyball. Despite their defeat, the team remained motivated throughout the championship game. “I believe the #blocked’s strong suit was the communication and positivity that we had on the court along with our ability to hit the ball well,” Estes said. 

Co-Ed intramural dodgeball plans to begin on November 16, 2022, followed by five-on-five basketball in March 2023. Players can register through the IMLeagues app or can contact Nate Lake for more information.