Bringing In Fall With Students’ Favorite Fall Activities


Caitlin Towler

Pumpkin Patch at Graves Mountain Apple Festival

Caitlin Towler, Staff Writer

Fall is the season of leaves, sweaters, and cozy moments with family and friends. Along with midterms, come the moments when students can relish the fall weather and aesthetics throughout the city.

Dreama Kesper, a Danville native and a senior who is majoring in clinical psychology, and her family love to take the time in the fall to travel the mountains, especially the Blue Ridge Parkway.

“We like to stop at the local shops in the area to buy apples, apple cider, and homemade jams,” Kesper said. “Traditionally, we also like to pick out the best scenic stops for a picnic to really indulge in nature’s beauty.

Many have different favorite aspects of fall, whether it’s the chilly mornings or pumpkins appearing in shop windows.

“My favorite aspects of fall and Halloween are the beautiful weather and scenery, pumpkins, fall fashion, sweaters, boots, lots of candy, football games, and of course…pumpkin spice lattes,” Anna Ewing, a senior who is majoring in English with a sixth through twelfth-grade teaching licensure, said.

The cold weather brings warm fires and drinks, as well as nostalgic movie nights, whether it’s an old favorite or a newly remastered classic.

“My all-time favorite fall/Halloween Movie would have to be ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ because it is a childhood classic I have watched over and over through the years, as the “Peanuts Gang” use their characters to showcase individuality, uniqueness, and childhood learning lessons in themed ways, in this case Linus’s sincere belief in the ‘Great Pumpkin,’” Kesper said.

Ewing plans on rewatching Hocus Pocus and the newly released sequel, along with a few scary movies as well.

A number of students have fall activities they like to complete every year. Berenice Carranza, a senior majoring in biomedical science, likes to view the leaves change.

“I occasionally like traveling to public parks and to the mountains to see the leaves change color. I will usually take my camera with me to take photos of these areas,” Carranza said.

Baking and cooking fall recipes are also favorite activities of some students.

“Some of my favorite activities for Fall are sitting around a campfire outside with family and friends and just relaxing and having fun,” Kesper said. “During the fall, I am always cooking up a variety of soup recipes to share to nourish the heart and the body as cooler weather sets in.”

Ewing’s favorite activities include attending Saturday football games and tailgates, along with walks outside to view the “pretty fall colors and cooler temperatures.”

Autumn is a time of year when students can remember their childhood Halloweens, where the anticipation hasn’t faded over the years as the leaves change color from green to orange. Try checking off a few of your favorite fall traditions or activities during your fall break, which may lead to new memories and favorites in the future.