Cans Across a New Conference


Calvin Beavers, Staff Writer

Averett University’s Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is right in the middle of the school’s 19th annual canned food drive. This tradition started in the USA South conference with a competition between all the schools and found the Cougars being crowned champions for the past seven years. The canned foods collected during the event that ends on November 11. With a drop off at God’s Storehouse in Danville, Va.

The USA South’s canned food drive was a fun way for schools to compete against each other while giving back to their respective communities. While the Cougars have dominated that competition, they find themselves in a new conference which is the Old Dominion Athletic conference (ODAC).

“We have asked the ODAC to start the same competition,” Olivia Earls, SAAC coordinator and women’s volleyball coach said. “They would ask for numbers, but now there is a trophy that goes to the winning schools. This will add extra motivation for schools to give back to their communities.”

The new competition gives the Cougars the chance to come into a new conference and make an immediate impact. Not only on the other schools but the Danville community. With the competition quickly coming to that November 11th deadline SAAC representatives have two drop off dates planned to collect your cans. These events take place at North Campus on October 28th and the deadline November 11th.

“Having the most cans in the ODAC will give Averett more recognition and show the other schools what we are about,” Nick Baiers, a sophomore SAAC representative said. “It’s not only about beating the other schools. The real point is giving people in less fortunate situations the ability to have food during the thanksgiving season.”

Bridgewater College is the reigning back-to-back champions in the ODAC. Last year they collected more than 6,100 items. Averett joins the ODAC coming off their championship run concluding with a total of 11,361 items. This 5,000 items difference sets high expectations for the Cougars this year.