Soaring to a brighter future, Averett Aviation has got what you need


Via the Averett aeronautics instagram

Shane Michel, Staff Writer

The aviation program provides its majors to explore many opportunities in the aviation industry. It’s not just for students who want to be pilots.

“The aviation program here at Averett sets you up for a multitude of different professions,” Blake Ellison, a junior commercial multi-engine pilot, said. “With majors such as aerospace management, flight operations, or aviation business, you can decide which sector you want to go into”.

With Danville Regional Airport being home of the averett aviation program, the students are presented with new experiences on a daily basis.

“The aeronautics program provides a well developed and professionally led staff,” said Ellison. “they help aspiring pilots to achieve their dreams through quality instruction”.

Just like almost every other facet of the population of Averett University, the aviation program is no stranger to hiring recent graduates of the university. Whether it be main, north, or the aviation, alumni are all around no matter the campus Averett has to offer.

“Most if not all of the instructors here aat Averett are graduates of the aviation Program,” Ellison said. “ which just reinforces the learning process. The instructors here are of the highest level of professionalism and make their students the best they can be.”

The program requires the most out of their students. With some taking part in other activities outside of their major, the program brings a whole new challenge to student athletes at the university.

“ I would be lying if I said that my time in the aviation program was easy,’ Connor Taff, junior lacrosse team member and member of the aviation program, said. “ The aviation industry is a hard one to get into and you have to work very hard to achieve that progress.”

“ There are a lot of study sessions I find myself in where I have to prepare for flights, although I believe that it will pay off in the end,” Taff said.

With rises in the student body of Averett on a yearly basis this presents the future of the university and indirectly the aviation program as a whole.