Averett University Production of “The Play That Goes Wrong”


Noah Williams, Staff Writer

Coming soon (LIVE)! September 29th – October 1st, Averett is a new production played by the students of Averett University. The name of the play is The Play That Goes Wrong written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields. The Play That Goes Wrong is a murder mystery play, but not just any normal murder mystery play. This play is written to have a huge twist, the authors intend to have the play go completely wrong on purpose. Without spoiling the play some factors that make the play gain its comedy effect are lines that are said wrong, props missing, and the stage coming apart. A bunch of things happen but you will have to come to see it to see all that occurs yourselves.

Averett University every year has a bunch of productions of all types, for example, plays, musicals, or even cabarets. So many opportunities and those who find any interest in theater are all welcome no matter how skilled they are or how much experience they have everyone is given a chance. Even without the main role the theater would love to use anyone’s help in any of these productions, fresh faces are always encouraged. 

Averett freshman Christopher Wilson said, “I was always brought up as a young kid on the stage in front of a crowd. I found out that Averett was throwing a play and was excited to audition, so I auditioned and got the main role.”

Christopher is a freshman that plays three sports here at Averett, even being a busy person he found time to do something he enjoyed, which is theater. The theater students and professors are putting in hard work, time and effort. Show your support for everyone in the play and come watch and laugh!