Averett Recognizes Suicide Prevention Month


Oliver Kousholt, Staff Writer

The month of September is here, which means its suicide prevention month. Averett is this year, once again, addressing the importance of the topic.

“It is an important topic because of the staggering number of people in this country that sadly take their own lives. By bringing awareness to the matter, it may not prevent it all together, but it helps make the conversation less taboo which then leads people to have tough conversations and to seek help,” Aidan Barber, sophomore, class president of the Student Government Association, said.

Suicide prevention month is a nation-wide event being held at various colleges across the country, with Averett as no exception. The Student Government Association is the organizing group behind it.

“SGA has been working with an organization in Danville that offers services and classes about suicide and other factors that may apply later on. A booth has also been setup on the top floor of the Student center, organized by the SGA, where people can ask questions and show their support towards the topic,” Barber said.

From 1999 to 2020, almost 840.000 lives were lost due to suicide in the United States. The suicide rate peaked in 2018 with more than 48.000 deaths.

It’s especially a major issue for the younger generation with suicide being the third leading cause of death among 15-24 years old and second leading cause of death among college students.

The number for the Averett Mental Health Hotline is (833) 434-1217.