The Cougars View on the Sports Betting World

The Cougars View on the Sports Betting World

Kris Richmond , Staff Writer

Sports betting is something that is beginning to grow at an exponential rate across the nation. Nowadays it is hard to even scroll on social media or watch TV without seeing even an ad for sports betting. Sports betting is now legal in 33 states including Virginia.

Also now there are certain rules that are changing that even make it legal for student-athletes to bet. Now with the talks of a casino coming to Danville, it will be interesting to see if students take a step into gambling by sports betting. 

Sports betting is all about the thrill and the odds, which seems to draw in the Averett students.

“You don’t hit very often but the thrill of getting close and making those bets are what makes it kind of fun,” Jaemir Wright, a senior majoring in sports medicine and wellness, said. 

It seems like sports betting is one of those things that you join in because you see the people around you doing it. 

“I saw a few friends pick it up and I thought it would be cool to try so I ended up signing up for a few different Sports-book apps on my phone,” Wright said.

“My friend Wesley introduced me to it,” Khalib Pettigrew, a senior sports management major, said. 

For many people sports betting isn’t just something that’s fun to do, it also affects the way many people watch and interact with sports. 

“It does make me more excited to watch sports and watch different teams play,” Pettigrew said.

“I really didn’t give too much thought to other teams and players that played other than my team, but when betting you’re basically tuned into the whole league to see if your bet will actually go through,” Wright said. 

Just like everything you try for the first time you can use a few helpful tips to get you started in the right direction. 

“Parlays are fun and look good but they will ruin your whole day,” Pettigrew said.

Wright suggests that those new to betting start small.

“Biggest tip I could give to someone would be to take the little wins, small bets for 50 cents to 4-5 dollars is optimal for people just getting into it,” Wright said.