Riverside Lanes Strikes a Come Back

Stanley Silien, Staff Writer

Danville strikes again opening up the bowing alley to the public. It has been about two years since Riverside Lanes closed due to COVID and financial difficulties but thanks to new owners Matt and Melanie Hastings bowlers again have a place to have fun and compete.

“I’m glad it’s open again. My freshman year I took bowling class with Mrs.Bren and enjoyed it,” Senior Rana Robinson, a 5th year Averett women’s bBasketball player said. “It will be a place for the weekends and enjoy time with each other and make memories”

They also have bowling leagues that are held every Tuesday and Thursday around 6 pm so if you are good at bowling you should sign up and probably win some money in your pockets. They also put arcade games along the wall for kids to play and they have a new music center where you can play your favorite music while you bowl. 

“I love the bowling alley and now that Danville has opened it back up I finally get to show my skills off “ sophomore Jocelin Jones,women’s soccer player, said.” I really wanna get together with my friends and use the bowling alley as a chill spot on Friday nights with my team and friends. I feel like it would be good to do for team bonding so I’m looking forward to that this year.”

The  schedule is posted on the website. All hours other than Friday and Saturday from 6 pm-midnight  $4/game before 6 pm $5/game after 6 pm $2.50 for shoe rental Friday and Saturday from 6 pm-midnight  $30/lane for one hour of bowling (max  5 bowlers per lane) $100/lane for four hours of bowling (max 5 bowlers per lane).


Come get your bowl on at Riverside Lane bowling alley located 3215 Riverside Dr, Danville, VA 24541 make sure you stop by and have fun.