Students Gain in Experience in SID Office

Zoe Winnes, Staff Writer

Students at Averett love attending sporting events and games, but may not be aware of what goes on behind the scenes. The Averett University Sports Information Department (SID), Director Drew Wilson, and his staff are what makes these events possible. The role of the SID is to manage statistics during sporting events, handling press box operations, broadcast, live-stream the events for those who are unable to attend in person, as well as updating the Averett Athletics website and social media. 

Wilson became what is now called the ‘Director of Athletics Communications’ in 2008. Before joining the Averett Athletics staff, Wilson was employed by the Danville Register & Bee, the local newspaper, as their sports editor.

“While I didn’t have any experience as a sports information director, I had worked closely with SIDs during my time in college as a student journalist and as a newspaper reporter,” Wilson said. “The biggest transition was learning the stats programs, but my base knowledge for sports and knowing rules helped.” 

Joining the SID Work Study program has benefits that students can carry with them all throughout their future whether it is in athletics or not.

“The skills learned allows our students to get ahead of others their same age as they enter the workforce following college,” Wilson adds. “Even if a student isn’t pursuing a career directly related, the skills they learn could lead to side jobs and freelance opportunities to work in athletics wherever they are located once they graduate from Averett.”

Hannah Heath, a senior softball player at Averett, has been a part of the SID Work Study program for four years.

“I think this job will be beneficial to me in the future because it has taught me how to be flexible and adapt to any situation I may be put in as well as gaining skills I did not have before,” Heath says. 

Sophomore lacrosse player Aaron Haley has been a part of the Work Study program for two years.

“My favorite part of work study is that I enjoy being in athletic environments while also getting paid to do so,” Haley said. “I think the benefits of work study are great because I get to put on my resume that I’ve helped run the broadcast system for almost every college sport and have had the opportunity to work with software that will be beneficial to my future career.” 

The SID is seeking new student workers every year. “Many are hired through the Federal Work Study program,” Wilson said. “If students qualify for FWS, they can apply to work on our team by email or stopping by our office.”