Students Enjoy their Playlists


Crispin Jackson, Staff Writer

Music is important because it helps people understand their feelings. Music has different meanings to people like R&B makes people want to dance and feel loved.

“My playlist right now is Lil Baby and Lil Uzi Vert,”  Raja Milton, senior, said. “These two artists are on my playlist because they make me feel good and I can play them around my friends.” 

Having a playlist is great because you are creating your own music that fits your personality.

“My playlist is special because it feels like I created my own world with music,” Milton said. “With my playlist I’m to enjoy old R&B and rap music. My playlist is like cake and ice cream for my ears.”

You have different platforms to create your playlist like ITunes or Spotify. 

“I use ITunes to create my playlist because it is easier for me and most of the songs I like are on ITunes,” Jalen Rowell, senior, said “On ITunes I can add favorite albums to my playlist with one button.”