New Additions to Averett Sports Information Department


Kris Richmond , Staff Writer

During the summer of 2022, Averett’s Sports Information Department added two new hires to fill the missing pieces to the staff.  Ashley Thornton and Landon Hendrix were added to the team, Thornton to fill the Assistant Director position and Hendrix to fill the Graduate Assistant position. 

Ashley Thornton is no stranger to Averett as she is one of our proud alumnus, making her return now as an employee. Ashley graduated from Averett in May of 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications. She was also a two sport athlete here at Averett playing women’s volleyball as well as women’s tennis. After Averett Ashley attended graduate school at Coker University where she served as the Athletics Media Relations graduate assistant. She was the direct contact to nine different teams but was connected to all 23 teams. She graduated in May of 2022 with a M.S. in College Athletics Administration.   

Landon Hendrix is a new face for Averett athletics coming from his alma mater Longwood University. Landon graduated from Longwood University in the spring of 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies with a concentration in public relations. During college Landon joined a fraternity called Phi Kappa Tau and also participated in multiple intramural sports. 

Even though coming from different backgrounds and places, Averett had still won over the selection for both Ashley and Landon. 

“ I decided to come back to Averett because I saw all the advancements that the athletics The department was doing all the new things that my boss, Drew Wilson was incorporating.”, Thornton said. 

I went to my interview and toured Averett. After seeing what they were all about, I was bought in from the start.”, Hendrix said. 

Coming into a brand new situation can be intimidating, But like many people who come to Averett Landon found his new home. 

“ When I first came, I did not know anyone or have any friends. Now I have friends everywhere, and Averett truly feels like home.”, Hendrix said. “ I couldn’t have dreamed of working with better people. Everyone is kind, helpful, caring, and genuine.”. 

With Ashley coming back as a Employee and not a student, there are some big changes in the experiences. 

“ The biggest change has been being able to see things from another point of view.”, Thornton said. “ When I was a student there were times where I was thinking “why are we doing this?” Now a lot of those questions have been answered because I have a new perspective and outlook.”. 

Not surprising though both Ashley and Landon have big goals to accomplish in their new roles here at Averett. 

“ I really want to start making a bigger impact on our digital media presence. Digital media is a huge recruitment and retention tool but I also love showcasing and highlighting all the amazing things our student-athletes do on and off the field.”, Thornton said. 

My goals for my time at Averett are: 1- To get as much experience as possible in sports writing and operating Adobe Programs. 2- To make as many connections as I possibly can with my time here.”, Hendrix said. 

Ashley and Landon are two people with high ceilings, Averett is excited to see what is yet to come with them in the office.