What It’s Like As An Averett Transfer Student


Stephanie Escobedo Cisneros

Bryson Mclaughlin, Senior transfer student

Stephanie Escobedo Cisneros, Staff Writer

Transferring to a new university can be about better opportunities or even just saving money. Many students transfer to Averett from two-year institutions as it can be helpful financially. However, for others, it is about their personal growth. Whatever the reason may be, Averett University welcomes around 70 transfer students per year.

“Our students come from all over, but you can imagine many are local as well. 20 students came to us from the Danville area. They go to a mixture of DCC, PHCC, and PCC,” Matthew Mann, assistant director of admissions, said.

A number of Averett’s local transfer students enjoy being able to stay close to home while continuing their educations.

“My main reason for transferring to Averett was because it was local. I had already completed 2 years at DCC and wasn’t ready to leave home,” Dwona Cobbs, a junior majoring in sociology, said.

The locality of Averett is extremely beneficial to the students of Danville, especially to ones that live within a one-mile radius.

“I decided to transfer to Averett because of the amazing education program,” Isabele Turner, a junior education major said, “Averett being in my backyard was only an added benefit to my decision.”

Transferring from one school to another seems to be a tricky task. There are a few guidelines for becoming a transfer student, however, with the help of Matthew Mann and others, the process was simple. The transfer admission staff makes academic transitions as smooth as possible.

“The transfer process was fairly easy. When I had questions, there were multiple people I could easily contact and talk with,” Turner said.

Along with personal growth, students transfer for other reasons like athletics. Senior basketball player Bryson McLaughlin transferred from Virginia Tech back in 2020. Bryson played football at Virginia Tech but felt as if his athletics were going to waste.

“Coach Doino reached out to me about playing Basketball at Averett. I took a leap of faith and came back. I’m a Danville native so it wasn’t that hard to make that transition,” Bryson Mclaughlin said.

Averett University welcomes all who wish to further their education and will always support prospective students.