SGA Adds Cougar Compliments Program

Noah Williams

Averett’s Student Government Association (SGA) is starting off with a positive movement called Cougar Compliments.The purpose of Cougar Compliments is to spread positivity on campus by encouraging students and faculty to send positive comments and notes to others.

SGA President Morgan Dearing, a senior,  created and organized this program for the whole school to improve as a community.

 “Cougar Compliments started to make someone smile,” Dearing said. “Cougar Compliments is for someone to write a letter to a friend, professor, faculty, or someone important to them on campus and let them know they are loved and appreciated.”

On a schedule yet to be announced, a table will be set up outside of the Cougar Den Cafeteria where students and faculty can write positive notes.

“These letters will be delivered to their mailbox,” Dearing said. “This is a great gesture to keep people happy and we also wanted to do something consistently to better everyone’s mental health. A smile can go a long way.”

SGA is making a resource available to you all to make others smile.They urge they campus community to participate and make Averett an even more positive and supportive place.