Averett Golf opens door on future of the program


Shane Michel

Main sign of Golf facility

Shane Michel, Staff Writer

This summer the Averett Golf program gained the addition of an independent training facility. Located to the left of the entrance to Averett’s North Campus, this new facility is home to the men and women of the Averett Golf Program.

With the golf team being forced to base their practices off other sports schedules for the past couple years, this new facility opens new doors for the program going forward. “Whether it’s cold or it’s raining here, it doesn’t matter what is going on outside these walls. We are able to be here year round.” Ben Potter Director of Golf for Averett University said. “ After being in the gym the past year and a half, and making that work it’s hard to always work around others now it’s nice to have our own place.” said Potter.

This facility is also looking to benefit the program not only on the course but off. With the doors opening on this new facility it allows Averett to have an edge on other universities especially in terms of recruiting. “ Being able to bring people in and say this is your home is huge, already showing in the 2022 recruiting class.”.

With the new facility being put into place it raises the question of how it can help performance on the course for the golfers of Averett. “It’s all about repetition for golf, the more swings we can get in and the more we practice the better we will perform.”. Said Caleb Kimbrough, Senior golfer at Averett.

Averett Golf looks to implement the new Golf facility for years to come and opens their year off with the Greensboro College Invitational on Monday, September 26th.