Averett Welcomes Adjunct Faculty Rothgery

Crispin Jackson, Staff Writer

New school year means new teachers.  Once such new teacher is adjunct faculty Eric Rothgery. Rothgery is teaching New Testament this semester.

Rothgery graduated from Iowa and that was where he found his passion for teaching and religion. He taught world religions like Hindi in India. Rothgery sees religion as a way to see different cultures in the world. 

“I graduated from Iowa and after I started to learn more about religion and how people have different religions,” Rothgery said “I started teaching world religions at Iowa the class was about 200 or 300 kids.” 

Rothgery also teaches at other schools like Radford. He enjoys teaching small classes because it helps him connect with his students.

“I like teaching small classes because I get to build bonds with students,” he said.

Coming to Averett gave him a great feeling because “they me treat like family and my students are great people to learn from.”