New Digital Marketing Minor Means New Opportunities For Students

Kris Richmond , Staff Writer

With the end of the spring 2022 semester coming to a close Averett University announced the newest addition to the list of minors that are offered. Averett has added digital marketing as a minor with new classes available starting in the fall of 2022. Digital marketing teaches you how to advertise online as well as how to be creative when marketing online. The minor will have 21 required hours split between nine hours of required courses and 12 hours of elective courses. Students will get to choose 4 elective classes out of a list of 12 different courses. 

Averett University is always striving to expand and add more opportunities for its students, some still will wonder why Averett felt adding this minor was important. 

“When I came on board one of the things I noticed was that the marketing program did not have any digital content,” Vince Decker, associate professor in business administration-marketing, said. “We talked about just doing some courses but decided why not just make it a minor.”

This new minor is exciting for students but can also provide valuable opportunities beyond graduation. 

“A company called Kegerreis Digital Marketing announced that they will be moving to Danville and in the next two to three years they will be hiring 60 people,” Decker said. This led to not only deciding to make digital marketing a minor but also the talks of making it a major in the future. 

Students from all areas are recommended to pick up the digital marketing minor even if they aren’t familiar with different technology skills

“I don’t think anyone who is not confident in their computer skills should be afraid of this,” Decker said. “The minor is so elective base that you can kind of specialize.” The minor allows students from different fields to improve their skills within their own specialties. 

Students who are majoring in fields such as business administration and communication will have an advantage with the course load for the minor. With classes flowing over into the two fields, many students have already completed some of the courses required. 

Digital Marketing is a growing field that has a lot of potential here at Averett University. It is definitely a minor that students from all areas should look into and learn more about.