Hottest Spring Fashion

Spring is back which means laughter and new gear. Every spring new brands release their hottest styles but this season is one of fashion’s favorite and most popular seasons because you know summer is right around the corner.

“In the spring I wear shorts, a sweatshirt, and my Birkenstocks. My go-to outfit is being comfy in athletic shorts and a hoodie,” Erin Grey said. “I would also label myself as fashionable because that is truly the only time I put together outfits and put effort into them. I also like to put on cute shirts and jeans here and there not often but spring is more so for people that love fashion and I’m a  fashion addict my self.”

Brands I would recommend people to look out for are Nike because they come out with new shorts from spring to summer. I would also recommend people to look out for Jordan they release new Jordans, especially around Easter.

“In the spring I like to put on shorts and a white t-shirt with some type of Nike or Adidas shoes. I think it can be but it’s a confidence thing. I like to look nice but you can make anything look good,” Adewale Jeremiah Ohonme said. “I definitely would I like to dress up and throw on my go-to brands like Nike and Jordan together I feel like everybody should dress to impress due to everybody having to be in quarantine for so long I feel like everyone should have fun this spring and enjoy family but do it in style.”

Spring is a beautiful time it’s the right kind of weather everyone should enjoy themselves but make sure they do it in style.