Women’s History Month on Campus


Crispin Jackson, Staff Writer

The month of March is Women’s History Month. Women do so much in the world for us and show much love to people . Nowadays we see women like Vice President Kamala Harris and Ketanji  Brown Jackson Brown, who will likely become the first female African-American Supreme Court justice, creating new milestones form women. These achievements are opening doors for a lot of young women who want to change the world.

“Being a woman is great because of the challenges that we overcame and are still overcoming,” Kanyiah Moore, a junior, said. “The women I look up to are my mom and grandma.”

Averett University’s president is Dr. Tiffany M. Franks and she does amazing things on campus helping students feel at home.

Another thing on campus that helps women empowerment is Sister for Sister. Sister for Sister is  a group on campus where women talk about new ideas for events and they get to sit back and relax with each other.