Averett Manages KDAN FBO Services


Jahna Waters, Editor

Danville Regional Airport (KDAN) is a service company that is managed by Averett University. KDAN offers rental cars, maintenance services, inspections, a full-service station, rental aircrafts, and other necessary services. 

An airplane receiving services through KDNA

John Earl is the FBO (Fixed Based Operator) manager in collaboration with Averett University.

“What does it mean when I say a service company – it starts with properly marshaling an aircraft into the correct parking space, coning the nose, tail, and wingtips, and laying out the red carpet. Then is the meet and greet. We handle catering requests, hotel requests, aircraft cleaning requests, potable water requests, very concierge rooted activity,” John Earl, FBO manager, said. “We perform a variety of aircraft maintenance functions from minor troubleshooting and oil/filter changes to full FAA mandated annual inspections to remove and reinstalling engines.”

Averett benefits from KDAN’s FBO services through their management position.

Averett is able to receive services from KDNA with their involvement in management.

“For Averett, it means a window to private, corporate, commercial, and government aviation. It is a way to spread the word Averett is here to really the world. I have international registered aircraft visit Danville. It is a way for students to learn about many more aspects of aviation beyond flying. It is a way for students to work for the FBO and earn money,” Earl said.

This opportunity means a lot to Averett as an institution, but also to the aviation students at Averett.

“As an aviation student at Averett, it is really special to have other parts of our community work together to provide services or our pilots. FBO operator John Earl and his team work very hard to make our lives easy and to help us reach our goals,” Jacob Marshall, sophomore commercial pilot and president of the flight team.